I'm a New England based photographer, specializing in the built environment, the people within it, and the places we travel to. That said, no matter what I put in front of my camera, chances are I'm having fun doing it.

I enjoy focusing on the elements of design and exploring how a space influences the human experience; also how a space was influenced by the environment. Commercial buildings, landscape and public space design are among my favorite subject matters. Particularly sustainable architecture or design that promotes energy conservation. Of course, design is often photographed in the best of conditions, but not always experienced in the best conditions. For this, I do enjoy revisiting a project in different seasons or under different weather conditions - dense fog, rain, or after a big snowfall. You may see projects like this in my personal work, coming soon.

I live in Salem, Mass - a coastal New England port town with a burgeoning food scene and weekly public events (it's more than its witch history). Although this town is a lot of fun to visit in the fall, I recommend it year-round.

I'm here with my wife Stephanie, our daughter Lucy, and our dog Baloo. Weekend days when we don't drive anywhere and spend our time enjoying this town are our favorite.

Our home often smells like fresh baked bread - another passion of mine. And, it's not rare to find fresh pasta at the ready or prepared on a whim. If you're in the area, let me know. The music is always on and we'll probably feed you.







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All of this has been laid out in long form and I encourage all of my current and potential clients to familiarize themselves on How I Determine My Rates, Pricing, Establish Licensing Terms, and Copyright (click here).

I consider each of my clients needs and their budgets when I price a shoot. Factors that influence price often are made up of the scope of the project and how technical the approach to image making will be, how the images are intended on being used, and how fast the images are need to be finalized and delivered. 

The right price for a specific job, for an individual client, is often found through negotiation. No initial price quote is final. But, once we've established a rate and terms, it makes it easier to determine pricing going forward on future projects. Booking or committing to multiple shoots in a calendar year will always reduce the price per shoot, as I always consider client's annual budgets when projecting a number of jobs for the year ahead.