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About - Boston Portrait, Travel, and Lifestyle Photography - Joseph Ferraro, Photographer

About - Boston Portrait, Travel, and Lifestyle Photography - Joseph Ferraro, Photographer


I'm a New England based photographer. I'm closest to Boston, but my work takes me to all six states in the northeast and more recently beyond. Figuring out what arena to play in has taken some time: Architecture, portraiture, travel and hospitality... so many options, so little time, right? But, what I have learned is no matter what I put in front of my camera, chances are I'm having fun doing it.

What you get from hiring someone who's chosen this as their career is someone with a lot of tenacity. There are no guarantees out here. Going all in and taking a risk on being a full-time photographer-for-hire these days takes guts and that often comes with a confidence to communicate ideas effectively. I work with all types of people (it does take a village to do what we do), and work hard at executing your ideas and hard work into a reality.

I studied and completed photography programs at two schools, the New England School of Photography and Lesley University's College of Art and Design (formerly AIB). To begin my career, I worked for over two dozen photographers throughout New England and New York, whose work ranges from every commercial and editorial discipline (food, fashion, academia and healthcare, architecture, video production, travel...), as their assistant, second photographer, or lighting tech. And, I'm constantly referencing what I learned from all of them. 

I live in Salem, Mass. If you haven't yet, come for a visit in October, its really a lot of fun here. My wife Stephanie, our daughter Lucy, and our dog Baloo, like to explore the town on our evening walks to the park (playgrounds and dog parks), popping in and out of odd shops, or grabbing a snack at any one of many restaurants downtown. We usually spend our weekends exploring the rest of New England, and prefer the northern parts of it - Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, coasts and mountains. Our home often smells like fresh baked bread, it's another passion of mine. You won't find a coffee maker that requires electricity in our home, either. It's whole beans - usually a local roast from Atomic Cafe here in Salem - brewed in a French Press, an Aeropress, a Bialetti, or a sweet handmade ceramic "Chemex" Steph picked up for my this year (again, so many options, so little time). I cook dinner every night - apron and everything. And, it's not rare to find fresh pasta at the ready or prepared on a whim.

If you're in the area, let me know. The music is always on and we'll probably feed you.



CLIENT & Publications

  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assoc. Magazine
  • Alpine Restaurant Group
  • American Lung Association
  • Applied Form & Space Architects
  • Boston Magazine / Boston Home
  • Edible Boston
  • Infinium Wall Systems
  • Lark Hotels
  • Marquit Fine Art & Design
  • MassGeneral Hospital
  • Merrimack College Magazine
  • North Shore Magazine / Northshore Home
  • Phase Zero Design
  • Proto/MassGeneral Hospital's Magazine
  • Red Thread Spaces
  • Spagnolo, Gisness, & Associates
  • Stantec, Inc.
  • Suffolk Construction
  • Taiji Historical Archives/Japan

Joseph also hosts a monthly Breakfast Club meeting for photographers and other creatives on the North Shore, in Salem, MA.

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