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Lark Hotel's Corporate Portraits 2018 Edition and BTS

I was happy to load up my cart last month and push my gear the 800 ft from my house to Lark Hotel's newest establishment, The Hotel Salem. The employees of Lark Hotels were having their annual retreat at their newest of accommodations. And, it was time for new portraits.

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Got a letter in the mailbox the other day, from Historic Salem, Inc.. They're an advocate and preservation program for historic homes in Salem, MA. You may notice while walking around Salem the house plaques with the date the home was built, the name(s) of the first owner, and what their role in the economy or community was at the time, etc.

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Mend Your Soul

New Englanders drifted west in the early 1800s and with lumbermen among the settlers the architecture and design of this small California Coastal town is very New England - clapboard cottages, reminiscent of an old Ogunquit or Plymouth.

So well preserved in fact, Mendocino is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as most of it's properties have not changed much at all. It's a beautiful place.

That sea salt spray from the crashing waves against the headlands is like a daily skin refresher and lung opener. Some days of fog blanket the town in what Hygge must feel like.

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Urban Roast Beast and this Kale-head

My recent assignment for the Fall Issue of Edible Boston included a trip to brookline, near Coolidge Corner, to a backyard pig roast. An annual tradition among some post-grads and neighbors, gathering around the smoke just melting inside for the tender cuts of swine dripping over the open flame. 

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Cheers to your Health!

There's something to be said for old-world home remedies. A simple cup of tea, a spoonful of lemon juice and honey, or a nice warm cup of broth. Something Grandmas the world over have been serving up for centuries, if not many-a-millennia. The sudden change of seasons, up-and-down temperatures bringing along the sniffles, or maybe your gut is feeling a bit unlike itself, it may be time to get back to basics.

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Turning and Throwing

Each year, a committee for public arts in Salem puts out a call to working artists interested in a seasonal residency, within their own freestanding artist studio - a small cabin-like building, between Derby and Front streets in Salem.

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Have a Pint this Weekend

Although festivities will be on delay, as Boston's largest Irish community will parade down Broadway on Sunday, I can guarantee glasses will clink to "Sláinte" for the whole 72-hours filling this three-day drinking affair. 

So tomorrow, gather some friends, find a comfy bar stool

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Fashion BTS for Northshore Mag

In the latest issue, for April 2017, Northshore Magazine printed a fashion section toward the back of the book. Looks from boutiques around the Northshore were used for the fashion shoot. But, it was my job to visit these boutiques for a look behind the racks at the owners and their shops.

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Catalyst's Newest Phase

Catalyst, a restaurant in the heart of Cambridge's bio-tech community in Technology Sq., has opened new doors serving up coffee and lunch-style foods on Binney Street, just a few blocks from their flagship.

Designed by Phase Zero Design

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