Peregrine Pilgrim

Two months to the day of our first wedding anniversary, Stephanie and I returned to the place where we were married. By the Sea Bed & Breakfast graciously opened their home to us once again and we stayed in their Mayflower Suite overlooking Plymouth Harbor. My wife likes to joke that my descendants first arrived in America aboard the Mayflower, and being so I was returning “home” by visiting Plymouth. She’s not too far off in her quip, as my mother’s side of the family were of the ancestry to churn butter and dine with the natives, though I do not believe they arrived as first settlers.

To anyone who has made the pilgrimage to Plymouth to visit one of America’s first historic sites, I hope you had the same luck we had this weekend with cool summer nights, bright blue skies and warm sunsets. The area was very busy and the harbor was buzzing with boat traffic. Below are are few images I made while in port, including an interior of a truly amazing bakery where we had breakfast, called Blue Blinds Bakery. Owned and operated by a religious group, the Twelve Tribes, everything on their menu was organically grown, homemade and delicious – I was too busy eating to photograph the food, but just imagine two over-easy eggs atop of thickly cut jalepeno-cheddar toast.

Click the images to enter the gallery! Enjoy!