A Holy Ark

The Holy Ark at Beth Menachem Chabad in Newton, MA is a giant sculpted masterpiece. The architects at Applied Form + Space, Jim Thornhill and Luis Lobao, designed the constructed wonder for Rabbi Chaim Prus. This Orthodox synagogue is divided down the middle by a fogged glass partition, to separate the men from the women during services. As the Rabbi puts it, it is not because the women may be distracted by the men, nor that either is more privileged than the other, but to keep men from touching the women… he told us lightheartedly. Joking of course, as any good Rabbi with his Jewish humor should.

The Holy Ark (Aron Kodesh), where the Torah Scrolls are kept, is situated in the front of the synagogue. The Ark is considered the holiest place in the Synagogue. Jim and Luis were honored to work on this project and are proud of the results – as they should be. Thanks to my assistant, once a again, James Acero, we completed these images using only a couple of lights and a few modifiers, grids and gels.

Have a look and enjoy! – JF