Dunkin Donuts

It’s “time to make the Donuts!” That’s right, here in New England not only do we drop our “r’s”, but we take the “ugh” out of doughnuts. Actually, it’s been spelled donut here in the US since the 19th century, but when Quincy, Massachusetts started Dunkin’em in the 1950’s, the alternative spelling really caught on.

Which leads us to this week’s post, my shoot at a university bookstore. Last fall I was hired to make photographs of new spaces at Merrimack College in N. Andover, MA. Merrimack intended to use the images in an upcoming run of their college magazine (see the images in this older post:http://nftbp.com/11qLmGK). Their new college bookstore, located in the same building that houses the Merrimack College hockey arena, has a Dunkin’ Donuts attached, with an entrance just off the parking lot and through the bookstore inside.

Nearly all of the Dunkin’ Donut stores are independently owned by franchisees, but a growing number of express coffee stands and full services shops are popping up on college campuses nationwide. Dunkin’ Donuts Independent Franchise Owners organization runs a magazine called Independent Joe, in which their June 2014 publication included a story about the rising number of DD stores on college campuses. The graphic designer of the magazine, Caroline Cohen, found my images through a Google image search and reached out to me to place her order.

I was pleased to find out that they intended on using the image on their cover and a double-page spread in the article, along with another photograph of the interior. These shots were done with available light and were originally listed in the “wishlist” section of my Merrimack’s shot list the day of shoot. I’m glad I stuck around and grabbed this just before my assistant and I left.

Life & Business lessons: Meet and exceed expectations. Sell and resell. And, have a donut every once in a while.

– JF

(Here’s a link to DDIFO.org Independent Joe’s original article: http://issuu.com/ddifo/docs/ij26-web/1?e=1237713/8582001)