Eric Roth's Retrospective Exhibit

On a cool September evening, Dayton Home of Wellesley, MA left its doors open a little while longer to entertain designers, photographers and friends of Boston architectural photographer, Eric Roth.

Click here to view the entire gallery from the event.

Lynn Dayton of Dayton Home supplied an amazing gallery space in the rear of her showroom to a collection of photographs ranging in size, color, and content created by Eric over his incredible career. But, not photographs of what I am used to seeing of Eric’s, whose work is frequently featured in Boston Magazine, Design New England, New England Home, and many other publications dedicated to architectural design, showing the immaculate conceptions of wealth and dutiful design elements of New England’s finer homes. These works on the walls consisted of subject matter that Eric has gathered from throughout New England and as far as Africa and Europe, of what caught his eye in passing. A car at dusk, parked along a seawall overlooking a pink and violet horizon. A large tea kettle sitting atop an old wooden chair by a soft north-facing window. A young boy kicking a bright red ball up a sidewalk into the warm afternoon sun. (Eric’s “Explore” Gallery on his Website Portfolio).