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Gloucester - On the Trish II

Revere Beach

Last week, I picked up a classmate of mine from the Lesley dorms in Cambridge and we headed to Gloucester at 5am. (In my opinion, one of the only two times of day to go there with the intensions of photographing, truthfully I would’ve liked to go a little bit earlier).

I found this to be a great opportunity to bring along the 4×5 camera, since having just purchased the MOD54 development apparatus that fits the Paterson 3-reel tank I own.

My friend, Jonah, and I couldn’t have picked a better day to be in Gloucester. The sun was beaming and May Day was warm – and so were the fishermen. Welcoming us on their boat, the Trish II, I got to photograph this amazing Sicilian fisherman who has been fishing the shores of New England for over 25 years.

I called this post a prelude, because I have to go back there. So many characters, such a great story, and so relevant to their experiences now as their industry faced tougher and tougher regulations.

- JF