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Large Format Vacation

The Pond at the Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe, VT.

The Pond at the Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe, VT.

Packing for vacation is always a feat for me. What to bring? Did I pack enough t-shirts? Should I bring a suit jacket? Did we pack too many clothes?? Spending two weeks in the mountains, at least the way we do it, does not necessarily mean that we exile to the wilderness and escape civilization. There are places to do laundry while we are away for two weeks… Anxiety relieved. That’s only one of my toughest decisions when packing for vacation. Let’s not even mention shoes… (Insert my wife’s laughter and bewildered head shaking).

For this photographer though, the tougher decisions seem to be which cameras to bring. Especially if you’ve added a new addition to your fleet. This past spring I purchased the incredibly lightweight (3.8lbs) ToyoView 45CF large format field camera. Shooting film is transformative for me and brings me to a place where I feel connected to my work and committed to my subject matter. It slows me down and relieves me of many of the technical decision making processes that digital gets in the way of – for me. As an added benefit, the tangibility of the product of my labor in film is greatly appreciated in physical negatives.

The morning I photographed this scene (above), my father-in-law and I ventured out at 4:30 am to find some quiet locations for landscape photography. We started out waiting out large rain drops in our car until the clouds would break for a chance to make pictures. In our travels around Stowe, Vermont, we happened upon a great trout pond near Mt. Mansfield (not pictured here). The mosquitos were out with a vengeance and did not mind sharing some quality time with me under my dark cloth… not a fun time. We soon retreated back to where we hang our hat, the Trapp Family Lodge, just in time for the rain to stop. Of course, by then (around 7am) the sun had already climbed over the highest peaks and settled behind thinning clouds and fog. But, I couldn’t resist this pond and scene behind showing the valley of Stowe and the morning fog hugging the tree tops.

I only made 2 exposures of the scene and have not used the ToyoView since. But, now seeing the exposure, I am looking forward to my next large format adventure.

Notes: ToyoView 45CF, Nikon 105mm f/5.6 Copal 0 lens, Polarizing filter, 81A warming filter: f/45 for 15 seconds on Kodak Ektar 100. Scanned using Epson V700.