Market Watch: Luke's Liquors

I couldn’t have asked for a better weather day to take a drive from Salem to the Cape. Bright blue summer skies, on the road at 6am to beat the traffic through Boston, I arrive at the empty parking lot in front of Luke’s Liquors in West Yarmouth. Having the entire vacant lot to myself, I set up my car directly square with the building in hopes of getting the building shot off my list before the store’s management, my subjects, arrive for the shoot. Just as I climbed onto the roof of my car (which I do not recommend, I put a dent in the roof – which I recently suction cupped and pulled out), A.J. Luke, the owner’s son and store manager, came walking from the store. He introduced himself and promptly offered their forklift to me.

The forklift brought the camera height up to about 12 feet off the ground and I was so happy to have my lens pointed straight at the building’s sign. Only minor post-work was done to brighten some shadows and I removed some of the sand/tire tracks from the parking lot’s asphalt.

M.Shaken Communications, who owns and produces Wine Enthusiast – a popular magazine dedicated to wines, often sold in liquor stores – also produces an industry journal sent to liquor store owners called Market Watch. In this magazine they feature store owners, employees, distributors, new product reviews, and business strategies for your local “packie.” I was at Luke Liquors to shoot a feature on the owner, Andrew, and his son A.J. Luke.

This shoot consisted of a portrait of the father and son team, a few interior shots of the store, some of the inventory and labelling, and the exterior photograph, you see above. Here are the rest of the images that ran in Market Watch, in their special Leaders 2014 edition.

- JF