New Upgrades at Mystic River Park

Medford, MA – High rise condominium buildings tend to age poorly. It’s true, take a look around your town at the multi-residential properties that date back to the 1970’s or 80’s and you may notice how awkwardly they stand out among the great homes nearby. The brick facades, sun-faded awnings, nooks-and-crannies and out-of-reach places that are in desperate need of a power-washing.

Not all aging MDU‘s have discovered new was of competing with the beautiful design of today’s newest residential communities, with their storefront coffee shops and home-grown boutiques nestled side-by-side greeting you from the parking lot.

But, they say, it’s what on the inside that counts. That’s where my good clients at applied Form + Space from Andover, MA come in. Architects Jim and Luis are visionaries, who partner with the best of builders and interior designers, like the ever talented Holly Gagne of Rowley, MA.

I wish I had the before pictures to show you in this post. The colors of what the multi-purpose community room was before this renovation can only be characterized as a few scoops of pistachio and neapolitan ice cream, that was left melting on a formica countertop. Jim also noticed the flow of the space was all wrong. Their dream behind this space included an open floor plan with a space for residents to socialize and gather as a community.

From applied Form + Space’s website, about this projectComplete renovation of an underutilized ‘Recreation Room’ located in an existing condominium high rise along the banks of the Mystic River. Conceived as an open and inviting community center for the unit owners and their guests to gather, socialize and relax. The renovated Clubroom includes spaces for dining, reading and TV viewing. Amenities include a fireplace, full kitchen, accessible bathroom, wifi and exterior balcony.

This project was great to photograph, and my lights I used only to fill in areas that the giant sliding glass door was unable to reach. This well lit environment felt like home, and I’m sure the residents of Mystic River Park appreciate all of Jim, Luis, and Holly’s hard work!