Opening Recap

The show was a success! After such a surreal week here in Boston, and spending our Friday (April 19th) shut in with our eyes glued to the TV (or, ears to the radio), What Remains was hosted without a hitch on Saturday, April 20, 2013.

Over the course of the two hour opening, it was estimated, in raw counts, that we saw about 90 faces – and blew through 24 bottles of wine and 24 bottles of beer… incredible! It was amazing to be able to provide a venue to people dedicated to the arts and who needed to see some familiar faces, following the week’s horrific events.

Samantha Melfi and Tony Degrazia displayed some amazing art, and we welcomed writer Jerard Fagerberg to share his incredible poetic talents with us, LIVE, during the opening.

Here is a short video of the exhibition and the reading done by Jerard.

- JF