Pepperidge Farm

Ever wonder where those amazing golden fish-shaped cheddar flavored crackers came from? Well, along with breads, cookies, and crackers of Pepperidge Farm®, they all come from right here in New England – Connecticut to be precise (along with another production plant in Florida, too). But, oh, even the earth’s atmosphere can’t hold them down. Pepperidge Farm® has made it into the brown-bagged lunches at Nasa and taken into orbit on rockets Apollo 13 and 14, and the space shuttle Discovery. There isn’t a tin lunch box in America, or the universe, that hasn’t been warmed by a plastic baggie containing a smiley bite sized Goldfish®.

My visit to the corporate headquarters this summer brought a lot of excitement to me and my assistant, Alex Jones. Not only were the office spaces well designed and outfitted by the good folks at Red Thread, but the employee “gift” shop included drastically discounted bags of all-things Pepperidge Farm® (like, how about 3 for $4 Milanos®… wait, stay in your seat and finish reading my post). Of course, we came home with hefty goodie bags for the wives, plus a few extra for the car ride home. And, please, let me not forget that in the hallways there were boxes left around of short-run test products or limited edition items, all up for grabs – including the strategically placed wall mounted Goldfish® dispensaries, for employees, and visitors, to quench their palate with at will!!  

Enjoy with a cup of tea, hot chocolate, or coffee, and a bag of Pepperidge Farm goodness of your choice.

- JF