Small Doses

This excerpt is from a daily blog I read from Fine Art Studio Online (and, you should DEFINITELY click the link and read the whole thing – Luann Udell hits the nail right-square on the head). The whole concept of the article is about feeling like you’re helping yourself by spending countless hours online looking for inspiration and guidance, when in the end it leaves you feeling inadequate and unfulfilled. Don’t forget to go create! Don’t forget that you’re doing this very hard thing, on your own, and sometimes you need to pull back from being overwhelmed with information to focus on what you are setting out to achieve. So, take a break today, or tomorrow. And, go make some magic happen! – JF

Sipping From the Fire Hose

by Luann Udell

When it seems like the whole world is rushing out to blog, or to spin, to post on Facebook, or to Tweet, or to pin on Pinterest, or whatever the newest social thing is, focus on one thing you can do today to let the world know you’re here. It will be enough. Recognize the power of being curious about the world. Let it serve you in making your art, not drive you. Let your desire for novelty inform you and inspire you — in small doses. When you feel overwhelmed by your inadequacy, know that all you really have to do is put down the fire hose. A fire hose is a wonderful tool for putting out a house fire. But it’s not the best way to drink a glass of cool, clear water. […]

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