Spagnolo, Gisness, & Associates - edX Cambridge

Photographing interior spaces means, typically, a lot of clean-up. And, less clean-up in post-production (digital retouching), the better! That’s why I always travel with an assistant. Efficiency on a shoot can come in many forms, like shooting tethered to a computer so you, and the client, can see the images in greater detail as you go. Efficiency also comes in traveling light, with just the right gear to get the job done. Having an assistant, my good friend and talented photographer James Acero, means having someone by your side – or a few steps ahead, ready to do the impossible. Most of the time, impossible feats are rare – but, we’re always up for a challenge! More typically, simply cleaning surfaces, removing unnecessary items from shots, moving a chair one quarter of an inch to the left (“Now turn it ever so slightly, clockwise… no, the other clockwise… there, stop!) can make a good image ten times better!

For a recent shoot for SGA (Spagnolo, Gisness, & Associates of Boston, MA), I was hired to photograph edX‘s new office space in Cambridge, MA. Thankfully, the occupants had just moved into the space just a few months earlier, and the spaces were immaculate to begin with. Such a bright, open, and what felt like an environment built to encourage the sharing of ideas, SGA developed a space that represents the essence of what edX has set out to achieve as a business. Enjoy! – JF