Summers in Maine

This weekend Stephanie, Baloo and I ventured to Maine to see my folks and some friends. A trip to Maine is never complete without a visit to a lake – prime time for Baloo to go for a fresh water swim. (Yes, his mom made him wear the lifejacket). But, he enjoyed every minute of it! Sebec Lake is just a short ride from my parent’s home and has the most amazing view from it’s beach and boat launch. Surrounded by three mountains, Sebec is a great destination spot for vacationers looking to get the best New England experience while visiting Vacationland-USA.

Moosehead Lake is huge! And, my photos don’t tell even a fraction of the story. But, during my short trip I was happy I got to see it and have lunch on the water. Moosehead is listed as 40 miles wide by 10 miles long, and in just a few weeks will be hosting it’s annual “fly-in” for seaplanes.

Just another favorite place to be. Summer in New England.

– JF