Close to Home

This one strikes close to home for me. My interest in food digs deep into my core. My earliest memories include spending time in the kitchen with my parents and my grandparents, gnawing on raw ingredients and tasting everything before it hit the dining table. The kitchen is now a place for me to unwind and be creative, from baking bread, making winter stews and soups from scratch, perfecting my "famous" Italian red sauce (my wife's favorite), and sipping good wine or scotch, or local beer, or Kombucha... all while sharing this experience with friends and my family.

Visiting a local farm, participating in a CSA (like the one we're members of Farm Direct Co-op), and shopping your local, seasonal farmers market (find yours here), insures you'll be receiving the freshest ingredients, that contain all of the bionutrients native to the land, air, and water from your region - excellent for your immune system, and great for the local economy. 

So, when Northshore Magazine hired me last month to visit Tendercrop Farm in Newbury, MA, I was very excited, to say the least. This is one of those stories that you wait and wait for. With such a large interest in the local food movement these days, there's almost always an opportunity floating around nearby to be asked to photograph local farmers and growers. This time, I got the nod. Here are a few favorites and some you'll see in next month's issue.

To read the story, and see more photographs from Tendercrop Farm, pickup a copy of Northshore Magazine later this month (the May/June issue). Or, visit

@northshoremag #tendercropfarm 

- Joe