The Show WILL Go on! Tonight!

Last night’s opening reception, featuring art by Tony DegraziaJerard FagerbergJoseph Ferraro and Samantha Melfi has been rescheduled for tonight!!


The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University’s Dean Stan Trecker has allowed us to open tonight and welcome the public to a reception of wine, cheese, smiles and high fives!

So, please come out of your homes, bring a friend, bring a stranger, and come start of your night with us in Kenmore Square.

The gallery is located just behind the McDonalds and Bank of America on Newbury Street, along the Mass Pike, as if you were walking from Kenmore to Fenway Park.

Hope to see all of you tonight!


The work is currently on view and open to the public at The Student Gallery at 601 Newbury Street, Boston. For more information, please e-mail me or call (617) 335-8925.

I will be showing a selection from my year long documentary of Revere Beach. An entirely black and white traditional photography project, printed silver gelatin (darkroom process), for exhibition.

For nearly 8 months, I have been walking along Revere’s sandy beach and sitting at the bars talking to the people that remain there – decades after the last arcade closed and the amusement rides were torn down. The photographs are records of my experiences with the people on Revere Beach, and my conversations with them. I have heard stories from people who have probably not had a chance to share stories with others who haven’t heard their stories before – their vulnerability, their strength, their family ties, affairs, sex lives, bar room brawls, and the good-ol’ days… This project exists during the off-season, where locals are the only people who spend their nights here.

This exhibition marks the end of my academic career as I finish my degree in Fine Art Photography from Lesley University’s Art Institute of Boston. This project will be submitted at the end of April to Duke University’s Dorothea Lange and Paul Taylor Prize for documentary photography and writing competition. I have been working with a journalist/poet, Jerard Fagerberg, to produce the written component of our work together.

We hope you come out to our show. There will be food and drinks for all those in attendance, as well as a chance to talk about the work with the artists and make new friends.

Hope to see you there!!

– JF