UConn Bookstore & Museum of Puppetry

Last Friday, James Acero (my assistant for the day), headed down to the University of Connecticut campus to a newly constructed space in Storrs, CT for Phase Zero Design, Inc..

We arrived at 7am, after a two hour drive from Boston, and were welcomed by the site of a freshly merchandised college bookstore and a well stocked cafe (cue the espresso machine). By far the greatest things to occupy this coop space was a museum of puppetry, displayed proudly by The Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry. This space included museum casings, a small gallery, that all led into a black box theater.

Challenge excepted! Did I mention, it’s a black box… I sent James climbing up to the mezzanine to light the equipment on the ceiling, while the ever accommodating staff of the museum and bookstore opened a partition wall that adjoins the spaces. After a few more lights are in place, this space really “lit up.”

Thanks to Jessica Hawley, of Phase Zero Design for bringing me on for this assignment and for offering such a collaborative experience!

Until next time, – JF