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When choosing a shoot type, see which licensing permissions will be included and their definitions below.

If you're splitting the shoot with another party, please contact me directly and I'll write up the contract instead of booking here.

A 50% Deposit will be required to Confirm Booking. All Prices listed are guaranteed after a 50% deposit is received. Any additional fees or charges will be addressed as the circumstances arise, and will only be added with the client's approval. A final estimate and contract will be written up and signed by the photographer, and sent to you with your deposit receipt within 24-hours of booking. A representative from your office must be sign the contract and return it at least 7-days before the shoot date.

By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you agree to our payment schedule and terms, and authorize Square to process your payment. To pay a deposit by check instead, please leave this form and contact me directly. 

No "Half-Day" rate options? That's right. But, I explain why at the bottom of this page.

If you're a returning client, and you're not used to these prices or terms, please contact me and we can discuss your price options. Returning clients, and clients established between 2013-2016 may receive a specific-to-you Coupon Code to access the price range we previously established, and this code may be used until April 2019.

After booking a shoot completely, you can Register as a New Account in order to save your information and for making changes later.

For additional shoot types, or custom estimates, please contact me directly. 


*Commercial Licensing Package Included. Definition: A commercial license will be granted to each client for their use to display the images and share the images internally and externally as a part of their portfolio to past, current, and prospective clients through any electronic and printed media, or paid commercial advertising.  Joseph Ferraro Photography reserves the copyright of all works under the Copyright Law of 1976, Title 17 of the US Code, and usage not listed in this agreement is prohibited. Images gifted by the client to third-parties, limited to the client's own clients or partners on the project being photographed, will incur a $250 fee per image, and will be billed in the final invoice (this addition will not be calculated into your package price here while booking and will not change your deposit amount). Parent companies and subsidiaries related to the client are welcome to use the images directly related to the original client's business and promotional strategy, but a license to use the images through the parent company's or subsidiary's branded advertising, other than exclusively under the client's own brand, is prohibited. A license for the a parent company's or subsiiary's use is available upon request for an additional fee.

**Editorial Licensing Package, Optional Add-On. Giving images to a magazine or ad-supported blog, to run in a story, for free, is not cool. Editorial Publications do not exist without valuable imagery to help sell their materials - cover shots, double page spreads, feature stories... Each magazine in existence has an annual budget for photography and hire photographers on a regular basis to conduct exclusive shoots for the publication. On frequent occasions, publications also buy original images directly from photographers - especially where sending a photographer may be cost- or time-prohibitive. Giving your commercially licensed images to an editorial publication without permission and/or additional compensation is prohibited and effectively cuts off a professional photographer's revenue stream. If you feel you may want to publish these stories in a magazine or on an ad-supported blog, lease consider either buy this additional package up-front, or paying those fees per image when they are submitted to-be-published in a publication. Or, simply have the publication contact me directly to pay me their already-determined fee for running my image(s). Please have publications credit me on the photos-by-line or image credit © Joseph Ferraro. Images published without permission will be considered a copyright violation and will be billed at 3x the market rate. 

***Promotional License Package. This package is available to Private Homeowners, Individuals, and Architectural or Hospitality Industry partners - Interior Designers, Landscapers, Craftsmen/women, Painters, Finish Workers, etc. This package grants the use of these images promotionally, only. Meaning, they may be used on their own websites and social media profiles, printed on marketing materials/flyers, as a part of a printed or digital portfolio to share with past, current, and potential clients. Images may not be gifted or given third-parties when licensed through this package. An additional editorial and commercial licensing package may be added on, for purchase during booking or at a later date. See note on Editorial Licensing Packages, above.

  • Each shoot above includes the photographer's fee, a specific Licensing Package*, one photographer's assistant on site, job specific and specitalty lighting equipment, specialty architectural cameras and lenses and equipment, a preview viewing source during photography (iPad, Laptop, or 24" Monitor), first-pass image previews for client selection and retouch notes, a pre-determined number of final retouched images, a one-time retouching change order per image, travel and mileage costs.
  • The client must be present, or send a representative, to each shoot.
  • A pre-production phone call, or in-person meeting, needs to be conducted prior to each shoot.
  • A marked-up floor plan is appreciated, with shot angles clearly marked.
  • If a scouting shoot is required, I'll submit a request following-up your booking. Additional Scouting Shoot Fee required.
  • A 50%-Deposit and an account in good standing is required to book a shoot.
  • In the event additional equipment is required for a shoot, I will submit a request to add rental equipment to the invoice.
  • Want to share a few photos with the interior designer? Final images may be given to third-parties directly related to the project as a Gift for an additional $250/image. 
  • Buying all of the photos for the building owner or subcontractor? A Whole Shoot Gift License is available as an Add-On, above.
  • Shoots may be rescheduled due to weather or site availability within 48-hours before a shoot.
  • Shoots may NOT be cancelled within 48-hours of a shoot, or else the refundable 50% deposit will be forfeited. 
  • A note on "Half-Days." I don't offer half-days due to my interest in not relegating a shoot to a shortened number of hours. If a project requires less shots, we can discuss this after booking and my fee may be reduced on your final invoice, in proportion to the shorter assignment.

Questions? Please email me, or call 617-335-8925.

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